Welcome to Immanuel

"Immanuel" means "God with us", another name for Jesus (Matt. 1:23). Since He, the Son of God, took on flesh to dwell among us, and has graciously invited us to be with Him, we hope you will join us, too!

Please join us for worship - 10AM on Sundays.
[Mid-Week Divine Service on Thursdays at 6pm (Easter to Advent only)]


Your First Visit

Immanuel is located at the corner of 34th Place and Emmerald Ave, just one
block from the main intersection of Chicago Rd and Steger Rd in Steger, IL.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
24 West 34th Place
Steger, IL 60475

The church parking lot can be accessed from 34th Place, on the east side of the church building. Parking is also usually available in the Old Plank Trail Bank parking lot across the street, or along Emerald St. The church can be entered through the front or northwest side doors, or the elevator on the northeast side.

North Side View - Main Entrance

East Side View - Elevator

Upon entering you will likely be greeted by an usher and/or others who will also be handing out bulletins. Our Bulletin contains information on how the service is conducted and the service order, as well as notices, announcements, prayer requests, etc. Both large print and regular-size font bulletins are available. The large print contains the words to the whole service (except the sermon).

The pastor will also likely be near the entry area before the service if you wish to speak to him. Before proceeding to the sanctuary, please also consider signing the guest-book on the stand next to the main door. (This is not necessary, but simply used for any future contacts.) After receiving your bulletin, please go to the seats ("pews") in the church sanctuary.

Restrooms are in the southeast corner of the church basement. The basement stairs is on the northwest corner of the building.



Worship Service

If you are a member of a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregation and would like to receive the Lord's Supper, please speak with the pastor before the service.

Once at your seat others may quietly greet you. The time prior to the service is a good time for personal prayer and reviewing the service order before it begins. Please also fill out an attendance card (see the back of the pew in front of you), if you didn't sign the guest book. This can later be placed in the offering plate in the middle of the service. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a member who may be seated near you.

The service begins with the opening hymn and procession. The organist will play an introduction to the first hymn and the congregation will stand and face the procession as they sing. Please follow their lead as you are able.

As you follow the service order, you'll note the congregation speaks together the words in bold print. The pastor speaks the words in the normal print. Most hymns are sung by the whole congregation unless otherwise noted. The congregation may stand for the last stanza of certain hymns naming the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, when you see the triangle symbol beside the hymn's last stanza in the hymnal.

When it comes time for Holy Communion, ushers will direct the people by pew rows to proceed up the center aisle to the altar rail. If you are not a communicant member or have not spoken with the pastor, you may come forward for a general blessing at this time, or simply remain in your pew. If you a communicant member of another church of our fellowship and have spoken with the pastor, please approach the rail and then kneel after the pastor says "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." He will then distribute the body of the Lord to the whole table, followed by the Lord's blood. After the pastor speaks the dismissal, communicants return to their pews via the outside aisles, and the service continues.

The service concludes as the pastor and assistant process out. The pastor may then return briefly to make or call special attention to certain announcements. After this is done, ushers will come forward to dismiss the congregation through the center aisle. The pastor will be at the entry door to greet the congregation as we depart.


Worship Liturgy

"Divine Service" - Lutherans often refer to their common worship services as the "Divine Service." Here, the focus of the service is on God's service to us for our forgiveness, life, and salvation, more than our work for him.

Immanuel Lutheran Church follows the liturgical orders and ceremonies of the Divine Service handed down and employed since the Church's early years. Rooted in Holy Scripture and reflected in the faithful responses of the Lord's saints thereto, this is simply the way the Lord presents Himself to us, and how we are taught to fittingly respond in prayer and praise in His gracious presence.

The Divine Service order is in the Lutheran Service Book hymnal, beginning either on pg. 184 (most common) or 151. This entire order, including the weekly changeable parts not noted therein ("propers"), is contained in the large print copies of the Sunday bulletin. The "regular- print" copies of the bulletin simply contain the propers to be plugged in at the appropriate places as listed in the hymnal.

Also, the service of Evening Prayer is held on Wednesdays at 7pm during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Pastor Meissner also prays the Office of Matins most days at 8:15am, except Fridays and Sundays. You are more than welcome to join him. Please let him know ahead of time. The church may otherwise be locked.


Our History

Immanuel Lutheran Church has a long and interesting history.

The very first services were held in 1896 at the Fire House on 31st Street in Steger, Illinois (what was then known as Columbia Heights). They were conducted by Rev. Friedrich E. Brauer of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Crete and Rev. Karl Schroeder of St. Paul's Lutheran Church Chicago Heights, Illinois.

For our complete history, click HERE for more details.


Our Beliefs

In accord with the Scriptures, Lutherans believe we are saved . . .

  • By grace alone - God's undeserved love in sending His only begotten Son to take on flesh, suffer, and die for our sins, and rise again for our forgiveness

  • By Faith alone - God has caused the Word of this grace to be preached to us, and so by the Holy Spirit works faith in us. So we believe and trust in Him and His saving work to salvation

  • Through Scripture alone - The Holy Scriptures are God's Word to us. They reveal Christ to us and His will to bring all to salvation

  • Through Christ alone - God is perfectly revealed in Him alone and no other.

More information can be found at www.lcms.org. A more thorough explanation of our faith and what these "alone" statements mean can be found in the Book of Concord (see www.bookofconcord.org).