Our Beliefs

In accord with the Scriptures, Lutherans believe we are saved . . .

  • By grace alone - God's undeserved love in sending His only begotten Son to take on flesh, suffer, and die for our sins, and rise again for our forgiveness
  • By Faith alone - God has caused the Word of this grace to be preached to us, and so by the Holy Spirit works faith in us. So we believe and trust in Him and His saving work to salvation
  • Through Scripture alone - The Holy Scriptures are God's Word to us. They reveal Christ to us and His will to bring all to salvation
  • Through Christ alone - God is perfectly revealed in Him alone and no other.

As a confessional Lutheran congregation, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and as a part of the one holy Christian (catholic) and Apostolic Church, Immanuel also believes, teaches, and confesses:

. . . and because they are in agreement with the Scriptures and faithful expositions of them, we also confess...
(brief summaries of the Scriptures and our faith)

and also the (Doctrinal and Polemical Writings)

as contained in the Book of Concord , 1580.

See also A Statement of Scriptural and Confessional Principles