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Welcome to the online version of the Narthex Bulletin Board. The items listed below are links to excerpt or abbreviated versions of items that are currently posted on the bulletin board in our church Narthex. When applicable, expiration dates will be provided if they are known. The postings are listed here as a courtesy so contact information may be limited for security or privacy reasons. For more information or to actually sign-up for something you will need view and/or access the item on the bulletin board at church.

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Immanuel or Local Announcements
  • Communion and "The Common Cup"
    A brief article titled, "A Note on Communion Ware and Hygiend" explaining the use and safety of the common cup during the administration of Holy Communion. Click here for [More details]
  • Immanuel's Phone Tree
    If you're interested in being called when there is death of one of our members or an important or major event, click here for [More details]
LCMS Related
  • Rev. Harrison's Statement re ELCA's Task Force on Sexuality Study
    Statement from Rev Matthew Harrison on ELCA's recently released "Report and Recommendations on Ministry Policies. Click here for [More details]
  • Request Prayer re Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    Letter from Dr. Gerald Kieschnick requesting prayer President Obama's decision to remove restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Click here for [More details]
  • LCMS - ELCA Differences
    LCMS Pastors denounce ELCA's recent decision regarding homosexuality. Click here for [More details]
Outside Assistance / Resources
  • Worship For Shut-ins
    Worship For Shut-ins is a weekly broadcast available on many local cable stations. Click here for [More details]
    To find out how you can support 'Worship For Shut-ins", click here for [More details]
    Click here [More details] for a summary of the topics to be presented by 'Worship For Shut-ins'.
  • Senior Services and Assistance Available
    South Suburban Senior Services of Catholic Charities may be able to help you save money on prescriptions and other things too. Click here for [More details]
  • Word of Hope [For Abortions]
    There is a 'Word of Hope' for broken hearts. Click here for [More details]
General / Miscellaneous

    *** Nothing Listed Under This Category At This Time ***